This page contains the status of different browser standard that is included in generated API.

Included standard

Spec Included Comment
Accelerated Shape Detection in Images Yes
Accelerometer Yes
Accessible Rich Internet Applications Yes
Ambient Light Sensor Yes
Audio Output Devices API Yes
Background Fetch Yes
Battery Status API Yes
Beacon Yes
Box Tree API Level 1 Yes
CORS and RFC1918 Yes
CSS Animations Level 1 Yes
CSS Conditional Rules Module Level 3 Yes
CSS Counter Styles Level 3 Yes
CSS Device Adaptation Module Level 1 Yes
CSS Font Loading Module Level 3 Yes
CSS Fonts Module Level 4 Yes
CSS Layout API Level 1 Yes
CSS Masking Module Level 1 Yes
CSS Object Model Yes
CSS Painting API Level 1 Yes
CSS Properties and Values API Level 1 Yes
CSS Pseudo-Elements Module Level 4 Yes
CSS Regions Module Level 1 Yes
CSS Transitions Yes
CSS Typed OM Level 1 Yes
CSSOM View Module Yes
Clipboard API and events Yes
Compatibility Standard Yes
Content Security Policy Yes
Content Security Policy Level 3 Yes
Cookie Store API Yes
Cooperative Scheduling of Background Tasks Yes
Credential Management Level 1 Yes
DOM Parsing and Serialization Yes
DOM Standard Yes
DeviceOrientation Event Specification Yes
Encoding Standard Yes
Encrypted Media Extensions Yes
Event Timing API Yes
Feature Policy Yes
Fetch Standard Yes
File API Yes
File and Directory Entries API Yes
Filter Effects Module Level 1 Yes
Font Metrics API Level 1 Yes
Fullscreen API Standard Yes
Gamepad Yes
Generic Sensor API Yes
Geolocation API Specification 2nd Edition Yes
Geolocation Sensor Yes
Geometry Interfaces Module Level 1 Yes
Gyroscope Yes
HTML Media Capture Yes
HTML Standard Yes
High Resolution Time Level 2 Yes
Identifiers for WebRTC's Statistics API Yes
Indexed Database API 3.0 Yes
Input Device Capabilities Yes
Input Events Level 1 Yes
Intersection Observer Yes
Keyboard Lock Yes
Keyboard Map Yes
Long Tasks API 1 Yes
Magnetometer Yes
Media Capabilities Yes
Media Capture Depth Stream Extensions Yes
Media Capture and Streams Yes
Media Capture from DOM Elements Yes
Media Session Standard Yes
Media Source Extensions™ Yes
MediaStream Image Capture Yes
MediaStream Recording Yes
MediaStreamTrack Content Hints Yes
Missing types from different IDL Yes
Navigation Timing Level 2 Yes
Network Information API Yes
Notifications API Standard Yes
Orientation Sensor Yes
Page Visibility Level 2 Yes
Paint Timing 1 Yes
Payment Handler API Yes
Payment Method Yes
Payment Request API Yes
Performance Timeline Level 2 Yes
Permissions Yes
Picture-in-Picture Yes
Pointer Events Yes
Pointer Lock 2.0 Yes
PointerEvents - Level 2 - Extensions Yes
Presentation API Yes
Proximity Sensor Yes
Push API Yes
Referrer Policy Yes
Remote Playback API Yes
Reporting API 1 Yes
Resize Observer 1 Yes
Resource Timing Level 2 Yes
Scalable Vector Graphics 2 Yes
Screen Capture Yes
Scroll-linked Animations Yes
Secure Contexts Yes
Selection API Yes
Server Timing Yes
Service Workers 1 Yes
Storage Standard Yes
The Screen Orientation API Yes
Touch Events - Level 2 Yes
UI Events Yes
URL Standard Yes
User Timing Level 3 Yes
Vibration API Yes
Wake Lock API Yes
Web Animations Yes
Web App Manifest Yes
Web Audio API Yes trigger unsupported feature in binder
Web Authentication Yes
Web Background Synchronization Yes
Web Bluetooth Yes
Web Cryptography API Yes
Web Share API - Level 1 Yes
Web Speech API Yes Type changes in SpeechRecognitionEvent(Init)
WebDriver Yes
WebGL 1.0 Specification Yes
WebGL 2.0 Specification Yes
WebRTC 1.0 Yes
WebRTC DSCP Control API Yes
WebVR 1.1 Yes
WebVTT Yes
WebXR Device API Yes
Worklets Level 1 Yes
XMLHttpRequest Standard Yes

Missing standard

Spec Included Comment
CSS Animation Worklet API No
CSS Images Module Level 4 No
CSS Parser API No
Console Standard No
Subresource Integrity No
Web IDL No
WebAssembly JavaScript Interface No
WebAssembly Web API No